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This is the Rolleigraphy Photo Gallery. The users site Rolleigraphy: Photography with a Rolleiflex can be found at

I have owned ‘rolleigraphy’ domain names since 2001. The Rolleigraphy website itself is a couple of years older. When the ‘.photo’ top level domain became available I decided to register ‘’ too. I present the Photo Gallery under the .photo domain and reserve the .eu and .org domains for the Users Site.

In April and May 2020 I began to modernise the source code of the site. I had done this at the Users Site some years before but could not bring myself to do it here. It is hardly visible to visitors but it is meant to improve site security and maintenance. In 2022 I am making the web design of the photo gallery more responsive to screen size.

The Gallery

A number of images was made with Rolleiflex cameras and exposed on film. For medium format I mostly used the original Fujichrome Velvia RVP film. Often that film was current at the time of exposure and I still have some stock left in the freezer. That is not the case with 35 mm RVP film. I have used the present Velvia 50 (RVP50), Velvia 100 (RVP 100) and 100F (RVP 100F) and sometimes other films like Ektachrome or Provia.

The films were scanned on a Nikon Cool-Scan 9000 ED. Early scans were made with Nikon Scan 4 software. Nikon Scan is not available for modern computers. I use Vuescan now. The 4x5 inch slides are too large for the Nikon scanner. I still own an old Epson Photo 3200 flatbed scanner from the early days of this site and that one is large enough to take the large format film.

In the Spring of 2013 I purchased a Fuji X-E1 digital camera. It is a mirrorless camera. I like the results but hate its EVF. When being used to large high quality optical finders, electronic viewfinders are just miserable things. In bright sunshine you can’t see anything at all and when you do see something the contrast of the finder image is totally different from reality. Apart from Fujinon zoom lenses I have used Leica-M, Voigtländer-M and Nikkor F-mount lenses. I still have the Rolleis and the Linhof but sometimes it is more convenient to use a digital camera.

I am adding the chosen ‘focal length’ to the technical details of photo’s made with a zoom-lens. It is the actual focal length not the ‘35 mm equivalent’ so you will have to take the frame size into account for the angle of view. In order to keep the columns at the foot of image pages as short as possible I have upgraded the script that builds the pages. It prints only those lines that have a value or a text and leaves any other lines out.